New Jersey to Old Aberdeen

Our Social Media Volunteer

A Masters student from New Jersey is helping manage and post Trust social media. Lexis Howard is studying for a Masters in Cultural Heritage at the University of Aberdeen and has been creating output for the Trust’s Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn as a volunteer since November 2022. We asked Lexis a few questions:

Why did you decide to study Cultural Heritage?
I have always had a strong interest in the arts and design, as well as architecture and this course combines those passions. 

Why did you decide to study in Aberdeen?
There were more limited options for this type of course in the States, especially around my area. I researched universities outside the United States and thought studying abroad would be a great opportunity and experience. Scotland had always been a place I wanted to visit one day, and given the rich heritage, I thought it would be a great choice to study my Masters in!

What’s your favourite building in Aberdeen?
It’s difficult to choose just one favourite, but I would probably pick the Kirk of St Nicholas. I have always been fascinated by old churchyards and cemeteries because of how many individual stories they can possess. I absolutely love the beautiful windows as well as admiring the intricate detailing on not only the building itself, but on the different memorials found in the churchyard. It was one of the first places I visited when I first arrived in Aberdeen and it has remained one of my favourites ever since.

What about the future?
 I’m looking forward to a placement with Aberdeen Archives, Gallery and Museums where I’ll help to organise a day event and gallery exhibition.  Longer term, I want to pursue a career in the cultural heritage field using the knowledge and skills developed during my studies.